There is no evidence that Antifa was involved in the attempted coup at the Capitol

In the aftermath of the attempted coup Trump supporters at the Capitol on Wednesday That claimed one person’s life, conspiracy theorists and right-wing personalities have tried to blame their favorite target: Antifa.

There is no evidence of Antifa’s involvement in the breach of the Capitol and the subsequent destruction of the Senate Chamber and other parts of the building, and Trump supporters It was planned openly Work today for weeks. However, this has not prevented unfounded allegations and speculation from spreading on social media.

Lyn Wood, the pro-Trump attorney who subscribed to the QAnon collective delusion, sent several viral tweets that falsely claimed that Antifa members were inside the Capitol.

One of the tweets included a photo of men alleged to be members of Antiva; In fact, one of the men is one of the MAGA Global Protesters who says “Q Shaman” and another is Matthew Heimbach, The well-known white nationalist.

The man in the horns and the fur on the left has been recognized by many as Jake Angeli, a QAnon promoter known as “Q Shaman”. On the right, we have Matthew Hempach, an old neo-Nazi and white nationalist movement figure … but definitely, Antifa

Twitter: CEDickson

Juanita Broderick, a pro-Trump character has Former President Bill Clinton was accused of sexual assault, Also chirp Photo featured Kyu Shaman standing with a different group of men. She accused one of them of having an anti-tattoo. In fact, a man tattooed Offers “Outside sign” from the video game insulting. False claim about the same photo was Published by former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik.

Paul Sperry, a conservative writer in the past he is The source of misleading claimsHe tweeted that a bus full of “anti-thugs” had infiltrated the pro-Trump demonstrators. He cited an “ex-FBI agent” who was not named and there is no further evidence.

Law enforcement officials did not say anything about the outside agitators, whether they were members of Antifa or another organization.

Breaking: A former FBI agent sent me on the ground at the US Capitol just confirmed that at least one “busload” of Antiva thugs had infiltrated peaceful Trump protesters as part of Trump’s phony flag operations

Twitter: paulsperry_

He cheated around buses loaded with demonstrators against Antifa Unfortunately it has become commonplace. Sperry’s unfounded tweet was later Inflate Written by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

There was also a series of false allegations about police escorting Antifa members to the protests, According to Reuters. A spokesman for the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department told the news agency that it “does not act as the private security of any group.”

Basically unfounded speculation about Antifa’s involvement ramped up as a 6 p.m. curfew took effect in the capital and supporters of Trump were removed from the Capitol. BlazeTV’s Glenn BeckThe pro-Trump commentator David Harris Jr., the actor Kevin Sorbo, And view of the plot Jack Busubik Rumors of Antifa’s involvement in the storming of the Capitol on Wednesday. None of them provided evidence to support their claims.

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