ROH re-signs seven wrestlers to strengthen the depth

Ring of Honor has been busy turning converting. They have announced one re-signature every day for the past seven days. The list includes:

  • Tracy WilliamsHot Sauce is the top name on the list. Williams is the main cog of the pure wrestling movement as part of the Foundation faction. He recently advanced to the Pure Championship Final, but lost to Jonathan Gresham.
  • MuggerThe Mexican Candidate is the most exciting name on the list. Bandido has penetrating power at its peak potential. He’s someone I expect will eventually make a move to AEW or WWE. Bandido currently occupies a third of the three champions, along with Flamita and Rey Horus.
  • Mark Haskins: A British citizen has stopped working due to travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus. Haskins has the ROH World Championship title against Rush in his pocket when he is able to return.
  • Batman: The Curly Mustache Companion is part of Vincent’s crew. The Righteous is currently in a feud with Matt Taven and Mike Bennett.
  • Brian JohnsonMakkah: A disgruntled employee always complains of a lack of respect. He is currently in the role of Loud Loser.
  • Amy’s roseA: As a member of Los Ingobernables, the world is its oyster.
  • Sumi Sakai: The Japanese wrestler was a silent judge to determine the time draw winners in the Clear Matches. The women’s title was in the plans before the pandemic. If this competition gets the green light again, Sakai will be one of the favorites to win.

Aside from Bandido, these re-signatures probably aren’t flashy enough to change the game. However, they are all powerful moves to strengthen the depth of the list and increase the overall quality of TV episodes. Everyone can place strong matches. Williams, Bandido and Haskins are credible competitors of the various individual belts.

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What do you think of ROH’s contract moves this week?

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