Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gains new abilities but only if you disconnect your console from the internet

eivor jump from a building in Assassins Creed Valhalla

A screen shot: Ubisoft / Kotaco

A few weeks ago, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Players have discovered quite a few new abilities in the game’s Mastered Skill Tree. Then those capabilities disappeared.

next Valhalla‘s Mid-December update, Which precipitated Yuletide Festival eventEach of the three skill trees in the game (Bear, Raven, Wolf) appears to be expanding by two knots. The first on each tree was a carbon copy of the “Let Fate Guide Your Path” node that allows you to allow the game to assign your skill points to you; The second is the actual capacity. Tree of Bear has received Battlefield skill ready, which gives you a full slot of adrenaline at the start of each fight. Wolf Tree can unlock Arrow Looter, which increases your chance to loot arrows from archers. Raven Tree has got Assassin Carry, an ability that allows players to automatically pick up a body after an assassination. All three of these new lines branched directly from the center ValhallaSkill Tree, so you didn’t have to pour dozens of points into each branch to clear the path and unlock it.

The catch is that these three abilities don’t always appear ValhallaSkill tree.

None of the three abilities are mentioned in Correction Notes For December update. Some players I saw them appear briefly, before disappearing during subsequent gaming sessions. Today, at least on Xbox Series X, I can still see the Nodes of Destiny branching out, inactive, out of the center of ValhallaSkill Tree, while the three new abilities are wrongSing.

I can get them to re-emerge by disconnecting my console from the internet and restarting my game, at which point I got a notification that the Yule Festival was over. Connecting my console to the internet will disinfect it. Some players Say They lost any custom skill points after that. Me, for what it’s worth, was refunded. When I return to the internet, the recovered skill points are automatically applied to any new abilities that I have unlocked.

Basically, if your console is online, you cannot access these capabilities. If it is offline, you can.

Skill Knot Assassins Valhalla

You will see an invalid skill node when online.
A screen shot: Ubisoft / Kotaco

When asked about the problem, Ubisoft acknowledged that some players have access to these skills, but said they are “not ready for release yet” and recommended that players play online, if possible, “to prevent any gameplay issues.”

Truth be told, you don’t miss much. None of the abilities change the rules of the game terribly (although Assassin Carry is a nice upgrade to quality of life). But they suggest big things in the store ValhallaThe Byzantine skill network already. Why does the “fate” complex include only one capacity? Why are these new abilities emerging after the alleged end of the Yuletide Festival?

Yuletide Festival ends January 7th. Ubisoft has not announced specific release dates ValhallaAnnounced expansions, Priests angered And the The siege of Paris, He did not detail any new abilities that might join the game in addition to those campaigns.

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