Coronavirus vaccine has run out in Mississippi as the state expands eligibility

Mississippi officials said the state has run out of coronavirus vaccines after vaccination appointments stick to their full supply.

Mississippi Department of Health (MSDH) He said in a statement On Wednesday, its vaccine deployment plan has “been dramatically revised in the past few days – especially in the past 24 hours.”

“Neither the provincial Ministry of Health leadership sites nor the UMMC Vaccine Scheduling Site were designed to accommodate the massive increase we are currently seeing,” the department said. “At this time, we do not have an additional vaccine, and every appointment is linked to the actual vaccination.”

The administration said it hoped to revive a large shipment of doses by mid-February, adding that it would keep residents informed of the additional doses.

Mississippians should understand that we can only vaccinate the population based on the availability of the vaccine. MSDH writes: “We will open additional vaccination appointments as we receive more vaccinations.

Meanwhile, all Mississippians – whether or not vaccinated – should continue to follow preventive guidelines. Especially avoid any social gatherings. And always wear a mask. “

The supply shortage comes a day after Governor Tate Reeves (right) expanded vaccinations for people 65 and older, as well as those with pre-existing conditions.

The Biloxi Sun Herald Reports said Reeves has pledged to open vaccines to first responders and educators next week. The governor wanted to “shoot in the arms” of as many people as possible, quickly.

The paper notes that the MSDH hotline and website, as well as several hospitals, ran out of appointments on Wednesday.

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Mississippi is not the only state expanding COVID-19 vaccine eligibility in an effort to start vaccinations quickly.

California State. Gavin NewsomMaryland Governor proposes up to 0 incentive payments to some California residents to open multiple “ mass vaccination sites ” this week California records a spike of 695 coronavirus deaths in one day More (Dr) Eligibility Expansion For anyone 65 years of age or older on Wednesdays, and for New York government. Andrew ComoAndrew Komocomo Announces Performance Initiative to Revive New York’s Arts Economy Republican Candidate Staten Island Apologizes for Hitler’s Signal Hill Morning Report – House to sue Trump on Wednesday More (PBUH) last week Eligibility Expansion For people over the age of 75, as well as first responders.

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