Yes, TCL also demonstrated the concept of the foldable phone at CES 2021

TCL is showing its 6.7 inch foldable phone.


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LG isn’t the only major electronics maker Experience the rollable devices. Then these At a press conference on Monday, TCL again showed an update of its foldable device, as it released a new video of the concept device expanding and retracting in a woman’s hand.

Little is known about the device, but Tiago Abreu of TCL, head of X-Lab at TCL Industrial Design Center, says in the video that it can go from a 6.7-inch phone to a 7.8-inch tablet with “a simple flick of the finger.” The user interface will adapt to the change, Abreu says, although it doesn’t look exactly what it looks like.

Judging by the video, the back of the TCL device may be very reflective, as the video shows the woman flipping the device over to apply lipstick, apparently using the phone as a mirror.

Screenshot -2021-01-11-at-11-23-41-am.png

This TCL rollable can double as a mirror.


It was TCL She sparked a Rollable Idea last year, But it was largely limited to dummy prototypes.

Stefan Street, general manager of global telephone business marketing at TCL, told CNET that the company will launch a flexible screen phone in 2021, although he will not confirm whether it will be a foldable or foldable device.

Screenshot -2021-01-11-at-12-23-27-pm.png

TCL printed OLED scroll display concept.


In addition to the foldable phone, Abreu has also announced a new 17-inch OLED printed display that can be lifted and features “100% color gamut.” He says the new screen technology, from TCL CSOT, could be “widely applied to flexible TVs, curved and foldable screens, as well as transparent commercial display screens.”

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