Windows 10 is rumored to be getting a major redesign. Don’t spoil this, Microsoft!

Windows 10 might use an update. Aside from adjustments twice a year, Windows 10 has mostly remained unchanged since its release It was released in 2015. Six years in the tooth for any PC operating system, and there is a revolution in personal computers that threatens Windows’ position as the dominant production operating system.

Microsoft updates Windows twice a year, usually adding some welcome new features (new screenshot tool, cleaner start menu, etc.). This year’s Spring Update will be another one of those minor updates adding polishing and crushing bugs.

But in the fall, Microsoft is expected to unleash a massive redesign of Windows 10. We know this for a number of reasons.

Microsoft recently released an Action list On its website it said that the company is working on “a comprehensive visual revamp of Windows experiences to signal to our customers that Windows is BACK and to ensure that Windows considers the best user operating system experience for a customer for clients,” according to Newer Windows. The list still exists but the language has since been contacted again very little.

Microsoft did not respond to a request for comment.

This job post is widely confirmed Reports Microsoft has been working on a major update to the Windows 10 user interface codenamed “Sun Valley”, as Microsoft will release an all-new Start menu, File Explorer, Action Center, and Taskbar. Tablet users will also get a redesigned virtual keyboard with better access to emojis. Microsoft is expected to give all the elements of Windows 10 a revamp to align all the recently modified elements of the OS in a consistent design.

Why does Windows need an update

Most of the recent Windows tweaks target specific audiences, especially corporate gamers and customers. But the personal computer is back as a consumer staple – the work-from-home era brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic is making productivity cold again. Microsoft wants to make sure that its new everyday users enjoy the experience of using their computers.

Microsoft also looks to the future it is trying to prepare for: Apple’s new M1 chip, Which is essentially a smartphone microprocessor specially designed on doping for Macs, represents a major change in the PC industry.

Apple’s new Mac OS Big Sur takes advantage of the new chip by integrating the features people are accustomed to on the iPhone and iPad. The convergence of smartphones, tablets and computers is in progress.

Microsoft has its hybrid device, the Surface Pro X, which runs on a chip with similar architecture to An apple (AAPL) AD 1. It was released with Windows 10X this year, and it’s an operating system designed from the ground up for unconventional devices (think foldable devices, tablets, and other computers that don’t look like regular laptops or desktops).

However, this new kind of chip could disrupt the PC world, setting fire to Microsoft’s shadow to redesign Windows for new types of computers you haven’t even imagined yet. The time has come for a big Windows 10 update.

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The sad history of Windows updates

The “Sun Valley” edition of Windows 10 doesn’t seem to be the kind of brand-new experience for previous new versions of Windows. This is probably a good thing, given Microsoft has a reputation for providing a good OS in every other attempt:

  • The original Windows was a success. Windows 2.0, not nearly as much.
  • Windows 3 was a huge success. Windows 95 was a buggy mess.
  • Windows 98 fixed all 95 errors. But Windows Me might be the worst iteration of Windows ever.
  • Windows XP may be Microsoft’s biggest success ever. Windows Vista was a disaster.
  • Windows 7 was loved for its return to basics. With Windows 8, people didn’t even know how to access the desktop.
  • Windows 10 was a massive success. So let’s not spoil this, Microsoft.

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