The NHTSA says Tesla’s accidents from “ accelerating on their own ” were caused by the driver using the wrong pedal

It was sudden acceleration accidents involving Tesla vehicles where drivers said the vehicles were “accelerating on their own” due to user errors, according to an NHTSA investigation.

Tesla sudden Tesla

Last year, we reported that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said so Consider claims that Tesla cars have a defect that causes “sudden unintended acceleration” After receiving a petition containing 127 alleged incidents.

As we mentioned at the time, numerous claims have been made about the sudden, unintended acceleration involved in Tesla cars over the years. The most famous is involved A South Korean celebrity claims his Model X sped up on his own in his garage.

However, in every case, including this one, Tesla claimed that the car’s log showed that it was a user error due to poor pedal application, meaning the driver pressed the accelerator pedal instead of the brake.

In one case, Electric He was able to get it Tesla’s record has been verified by a third party, It supported the carmaker’s claim that it showed the driver was pressing the throttle.

After the NHTSA investigation, Tesla released a A statement claiming that its vehicle has no defects that lead to unintended acceleration The contact with NHTSA was initiated by a short seller of TSLA.

Tesla also faced A similar investigation in China.

NHTSA investigation

The NHTSA’s Office of Defect Investigation (ODI) released its findings today confirming that it found that the accidents were due to “misuse of the pedal” – in other words: drivers pressed the wrong throttle.

They wrote in the report:

“After reviewing the available data, the ODI did not identify evidence that would support an investigation into SUA malfunctions in the subject vehicles. In each case the event data were available for review by the ODI, the evidence shows that the SUA malfunctions in the complaints cited by the petitioner have resulted. There is no evidence of any error in the throttle assemblies, engine control systems, or brake systems that contributed to any of the aforementioned accidents.There is no evidence that the design factor increases the likelihood of pedal misuse. A possible cyber reason for SUA in subject vehicles is inaccurate assumptions about system design and log data. “

Here is the whole new report:

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