The Chinese restaurant is spreading very quickly due to its “very honest” menu description.

this is Resturant He definitely cannot be accused of over-selling his list.

A Chinese restaurant is popular in Montreal because of “very honest” menu descriptions posted with each restaurant Dish.

Earlier this week, Twitter user Kim Belair tweeted pictures of some descriptions from Aunt Dai’s menu, written by the restaurant’s owner.

“Aunt Dai is my favorite Chinese restaurant in Montreal, but the real food is the menu, which features very honest comments from the owner,” Belair Wrote Next to the pictures.

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Dishes that Beller included in her tweet were orange beef, which appears to be “not good” compared to the public chicken tau and sweet and spicy pork chops, whose owner was not a “huge fan” because it is different which version he ate when he went to university in China.

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The tweet also featured descriptions of beef satay sauce, which “the owner did not have a chance to try” when he wrote the description and the cumin meat, which the owner said was “very tasty”.

A Chinese restaurant in Montreal has spread rapidly due to its candid descriptions of the menu, which the owner wrote. (IStock)

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Since Belair posted the tweet on Sunday, it had been retweeted more than 9,400 times and liked more than 66,500 times as of posting on Friday.

Feigang Fei, the restaurant’s owner, told today that online interest has attracted more customers to Aunt Dai, starting Monday and Tuesday. After a radio interview on Wednesday, the restaurant received “a lot” of requests.

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“It’s very, very good for our business,” he said. Today.

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Fei said he started writing descriptions because customers were unaware of some of the traditional items on the menu and were ordering things they ended up not actually wanting.

“The whole idea is just to let people know what they are asking for,” he said today. “Lots of people found it very funny [and] very useful. I was encouraged by a lot of them. I didn’t think I needed to write reviews on every item, but I encouraged and their comments and comments made me so I finished all of them.

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Ultimately, Fei said the restaurant wants to be “very, very honest and very honest with ourselves and our customers.”

“We don’t want them to have high expectations and then be disappointed,” Faye said. “We are not always the best restaurant for food, but we try to do our best every day, satisfy our customers and not over-sell anything.”

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