The best new televisions were announced at CES 2021

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CES was very different this year. Show floors in Vegas hotels have been swapped for a completely virtual event and streak of Zoom shows. This can make viewing the technology that powers the new OLED or 8K TVs a little tricky. But than we are Act To see coming out of CES this year, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Sony CES 2021 began announcing new OLED, 4K and 8K TVs Bravia XR family of displays, All will feature their new XR cognitive processor. The important thing to know about this powerful new chip is the way it improves audio and video in an effort to create an overall immersive experience. The primary way the slide does this is to focus on the natural focal point of the image and improve the quality of that object or person to make it appear more realistic. The chip is also supposed to improve the upgrade from formats like 4K to 8K by reducing noise and distortion. This should benefit the ears of anyone who enjoys buying an 8K kit this year, as there is still very little 8K content to talk about.

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In addition to its new luxury segment, some Sony TVs this year will feature ambient light sensors to adjust screen brightness to better match the light in a particular viewing environment. This certainly sounds like a great feature, but we’re keen to try it in person and with a number of different entertainment settings, including Hue Lighting. Moreover, this year’s Sony TVs will be powered by Google TV, which is an exciting upgrade from Android TV. All Bravia XR displays will have HDMI 2.1 support for 4K at 120fps, variable refresh rate, automatic low latency mode, and e-ARC – a very big leap from their trivial inclusion in last year’s TVs.

The Bravia XR TV lineup will include the X95J and X90J 4K LED TVs, the Master Series Z9J 8K LEDs, the Master Series A90J and A80J OLEDs, as well as a slightly different 100-inch version of the X90J called the X92. Prices will be announced later.

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Samsung Advertise New MicroLED televisions At 99-inch, 88-inch and 110-inch display sizes – all will borrow their technology from Samsung’s current standard screen. the wall, A product that was very elegant but not particularly suitable for consumers who just want to unpack the TV in the normal way instead of having to install it by a professional. New TVs will mark this square.

Additionally, Samsung offers more customization options for The Frame, which is the company’s most popular TV for its ability to camouflage room décor by looking at a framed artwork rather than a majestic black mirror in the middle of your space. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs are using more and more LEDs to provide better and more controlled brightness while reducing brightness. Finally, Samsung is introducing a new remote control for all its 2021 QLED 4K and 8K TVs – and it charges with solar energy. Samsung says this remote control can charge on both indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as through the USB-C port. This is interesting! But we’d love to see this remote in action before we get into the noise. Meanwhile, we are cautiously optimistic.

Let’s talk TCL for a moment because this company really impressed me this year with its promise Huge screens At a reasonable price and an 8K entry on its popular Series 6 screen (We are big fans of Here at Gizmodo). At least three displays will be shipped in 85-inch variants this year, including 4K QLED with Roku, 8K QLED TV, and 4-Series that will retail for $ 1,600. This is a steal! While the other two will certainly still be quite extravagant, TCL will likely undermine many TV makers in the space dedicated to 85-inch screens with similar specifications. Also 8K 6-Series? I look forward to seeing this uplift in action, but TCL has a lot of competition on this front. And to be clear: Just because you are Can Buying an 8K TV doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

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Panasonic It takes a more modest approach – in terms of size, at least – to the 2021 OLED flagship display. The JZ2000 will be available in 55 “and 65” sizes, which is definitely a sufficient TV for most people in my opinion. Panasonic says this OLED screen will be brighter and have better sound in unit, and the TV will get support for features like eARC, automatic low latency mode (ALLM), and variable refresh rate (VRR). It might make it a very attractive choice for gamers, but we have to see how it works first. My Home Screen will also be updated – although that might be less important to people who have already cut the wire and are using a streaming device.

last but not least, LG, Which finally does miniLED. The king of OLED will present both 4K and 8K miniLED screens This year, as well as new C1 OLEDs starting with 48-inch screens and G1 OLEDs in screens 55 inches and above. Like Panasonic, LG is also redesigning the original WebOS. I’m a little on the fence about this. Nothing about LG’s previous OS wasn’t necessarily bad, and this one is pretty much like almost anything else. But we are looking forward to a hands-on demonstration with the release of this new OS later this year.

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