The Automata “ultimate secret” has been found and lets you skip the entire game

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A new secret phishing code was found in Yoke: Automata Lets players skip the entire game after beating only the first boss. It has been confirmed that this new discovery is the “ultimate secret” that the game developers made fun of a few years ago.

Released again in 2017, Yoke: Automata It is a game with more than a dozen different endings and many secrets. The only way to really beat the game is to restart it a few times, and have different endings and stories along the way. However, someone discovered a secret cheat code that lets you skip all of that and jump right to the end of the game after beating the first boss.

– Also beware of spoilers behind this point–

at Yoke: Automata, Once you unlock the end E, you’ll play through a difficult arcade shooting sequence Where you are assigned to destroy the credits of the game itself. Once you get over this, you can sacrifice your saved data to help others Players Beat this end. This is not a joke either. Once you agree to relinquish your data, you lose all of your progress. Getting to this point takes some time and you will have to beat the game many times.

This is where this new cheat code comes in handy, letting you skip it all and instead letting you sacrifice Save your data immediately after overcoming the first head in Yoke: Automata.

modder and dataminer is famous for Lance Macdonald Find this runaway secret, which is not a bug, but rather an actual cheat code programmed into the game.

MacDonald does not fully explain what is happening in the video above, but it does show him hitting the first president, Then profThen , He heads into some keg and starts inserting the code. In the end, The screen fades to black and Langerhans Lets you after that Sacrifice of saved data.

According to MacDonald, it took “hundreds of hours” of reverse engineering the game code and its engine to find this ultimate cheat code. Shortly after he shared his discovery, game director Yuko Taro It seems to confirm that this was indeed the ultimate secret.

The Japanese Langerhans Twitter The account also confirmed that this was indeed the final secret. “It seems that the last secret has been discovered. “

MacDonald, Who has a history of research And the Create wonderful things like this, He says he will release a full video about the new cheat code to skip the game soon. Until then, you can beat the game’s first boss Yoke: Automata Then head over to those kegs and try to figure out the symbol for yourself.

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