Scientists are conducting teleportation with high accuracy across 44 kilometers

Teleportation is science fiction material, but scientists are working on teleportation in the real world. They do not transport people or products. Instead, they are working on quantum teleportation that could create a very secure and extremely fast quantum internet. As part of the research, the team was able to transmit high-resolution quantum information over a total distance of 44 kilometers, or 27 miles.

When the information reached the other end of the system, it was received with 90 percent accuracy. Scientists note that data accuracy and transmission distance are fundamental to building a real business Like the internet. The team achieved more than 90% accuracy with quantitative information sent over the network sent over an extensive optical fiber network similar to that which forms the backbone of the current internet.

The physicists on the project are excited by the results, noting that the result is a major breakthrough in building technology that could redefine global connectivity. Quantum technology uses qubits, which are unmeasured particles that remain suspended in a mix of possible states. The Qubits introduced each other to intertwining their identities.

The technology will essentially allow both dice to add up to seven, regardless of the distance between them. Data on one site immediately reflects data on another site. Sending each arm across 44 kilometers of fiber puts a new limit on how researchers can send entangled qubits while still successfully using them to transmit quantum information.

The team’s researchers say that while this is the first time they have been able to transmit quantum data over such a long distance with precision, there are years of work in the future to make a city-sized quantum network possible. Research in teleportation has been conducted for years.

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