Listen to your heart Brie Stoos and Chris Watson break up

Bree Stoos And the Chris Watson They listen to their hearts – and they realize it was time to move on.

E! The news learned exclusively the winning couple from Bachelor: Listen to your heart She decided to split after about one year of dating.

In a joint statement by E! “With deep admiration and respect for each other, we decided to end our relationship and walk our separate path. We will always look back on our journey with great interest, and we will continue to support each other personally and professionally,” said News, Brie and Chris.

The couple indicated that they might still record songs together. They said, “We look forward to sharing more updates with you all as we navigate our future in the music industry together. Thank you all for your love, support and privacy.”

Brie and Chris met One night out BA Role, Which aired April 2020. The musicians have gone on to release an album together called Chris and Brie, Which included five songs he wrote and five romantic songs.

Bachelor presents: Listen to your heart Cast detection

The first song they wrote was “I Do”. Previously spouses explained, “Song lyrics balance the intimacy of our relationship with their general nature. You can find this clearly in the lyrics,” I fell in love on TV, they don’t know you like I know, I know. “Love boils down to two people who fight for the success of the relationship.”

Bachelor presents: Listen to your heart

In December, the duo dropped another Christmas album titled Wrapped under the tree.

Brie wrote on Instagram in time,It was tough. We are very proud of everything we have accomplished this year despite the circumstances and we feel very fortunate to have been able to do everything that we did. Hope you have fun and make your vacation brighter. “

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Chris too Wrote, “In a year where everything collapsed, my bristauss and I had a lot of joy to share our music and our story with all of you. We created this project to bring some light to this holiday season.”

Brie Stoos, Chris Watson
Brie Stoos, Chris Watson

As 2020 drew to a close, Brie pondered her great year. She said on Instagram“This year has been the best of my entire life,” thanks to her experiences at Listen to your heart.

However, it looks like the couple spent the New Year away, as Chris shared beach photos of his family on social media and WroteHappy New Year to me and the Watsons!

Chris and Brie won the show after the judges Rita WilsonAnd the Caitlin BristowAnd the Jason TartikAnd the Tay Diggs And the jewel Chosen by contestants Jimmy Gabriel And the Trevor HolmesIt is also Split in June 2020.

It’s the second breakup of the Bachelor nation this week after that Claire Crowley And the Del Moss It’s called ending Two months after their engagement aired.

The peacock lives now! Check out the new NBCU streaming service here.

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