Janet Yellen Raised Millions of Speaking Fee, Records Show: Reports

If Janet Yellen wins Senate Confirm to become Joe BidenThe Treasury Secretary may find herself with a significant drop in income.

Since leaving Federal Reserve In 2018, after serving as its president since 2014, Yellen made more than $ 7 million as a spokesperson from Wall Street and other firms, according to reports.

Yellen received nearly $ 1 million from Citi alone, after she gave nine speeches to the bank, according to Politico.

According to the report, other companies that paid big bucks for Yellen’s wise words included Goldman Sachs, Google, Citibank, UBS, Exchange LLC, Barclays and Salesforce.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Yellen has delivered a total of more than 50 corporate speeches.

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Meanwhile, she plans to resign her position with the Magellan Financial Group of Australia if confirmed for the treasury job, The magazine report said.

Politico said it remained unclear whether Yellen’s disclosures would cause problems with the Democrats in Congress who supported her, including Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, who described Yellen as a “excellent choice” for leading the Treasury.

Warren has previously complained about the “revolving door” of officials shuttling back and forth between government and lucrative jobs in the private sector.

Financial disclosure information on Yellen – and about two other Biden candidates – was released late Thursday by the Office of Government Ethics after the Biden team made the data available sometime “midweek.” I mentioned Politico.

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Biden’s other candidates were Anthony Blinken, chosen by the president-elect for the position of Secretary of State, and Avril Haines, whom he chose as director of National Intelligence.

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Blinken has revealed a list of companies he has consulted through WestExec Advisors, a company made up of several former members of the Obama administration, Politico reported. His clients include Bank of America, Facebook, Uber, Boeing, IT&T and LinkedIn.

He has also made plans to abandon WestExec and associated units if he is confirmed to join the Biden government, Politico reports. The report said the company had paid him nearly $ 1.2 million over the past two years with up to $ 500,000 still owed to him.

Hines reported $ 180,000 in consulting fees from Blantyre, a Silicon Valley company founded by Peter Thiel, who is known to be a conservative supporter of President Trump.

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