Disney World Magical Express expires and replaces Extra Magic Hours

As Disney begins to publish news and changes for 2021 and beyond, some operational changes have emerged in Walt Disney World.

Disney Magical Express expires

Citing expanding options for guests to access Disney World, including shared ride services, Disney Magical Express will end on January 1, 2022. So, if you have a vacation at a Disney World hotel until 2021, you can still cover. However, after this date, you will want to rent a car or arrange alternative transportation.

Access by Magical Express – the only way to go!

A Disney spokesperson told us: “Due to changing customer needs and preferences, we will not be offering Disney’s Magical Express service starting with arrivals in 2022. Meanwhile, we are also introducing new ways for guests to enjoy their visits, including early entry into the theme park for resort hotel guests Disney “.

Early entry to the amusement park replaces additional magic hours

The pandemic ended many things in Walt Disney World, one of which was the beloved Extra Magic Hours program, which extended the park’s workday to Disney hotel guests by an hour or more before or after normal park hours for other guests.

-Breaking: Disney World Magical Express expires and replaces extra Magic Hours
I was lucky enough to attend a Disney Parks blog meeting on Monday morning, and caught some sunrise over the mountains.

A version of this program will return in 2021 called Early entry into the theme park. Described as part of the 50th anniversary celebration, the new program will provide guests of the Disney Resort hotel (and other participating hotels) 30 minutes of early entry to any Disney World theme park, every day.

-Breaking: Disney World Magical Express expires and replaces extra Magic Hours

You’ll remember that the early magical hours tended to create extra crowding in the participating garden throughout the day. This new program should help crowd out all parks, minimizing this effect. Of course, guests will need to obtain a valid entry permit to the park and stay at a participating hotel to claim early entry benefits.

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Park Hopping is back

Park Hopping is back! You can read more about how to change the system and what you need to know here:

Here’s how Park Hopping works at Walt Disney World!

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-Breaking: Disney World Magical Express expires and replaces extra Magic Hours
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-Breaking: Disney World Magical Express expires and replaces extra Magic Hours

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